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About the Unit
The Hamburg Water Rescue Unit is a Subordinate organization of the Town of Hamburg Fire Chief's Association, comprised of members from the membership companies of the Chief's Association. For insurance purposes, active members of the Hamburg Water Rescue Unit must be a member of one of the Charter or Active Organizations of the Association. Members wishing to join the HWRU must be a member of their home company for a minimum of one year and have the approval of their chief before being accepted into the Unit. We are dispatched through Hamburg Fire Control.
Since our inception in 1986, our unit has responded to hundreds of calls for help, saved numerous lives and has grown from a newly formed group of firefighters with basic water rescue training, to a very proud highly trained unit in trained in marine fire fighting, shore support firefighting, ice rescue, swift water rescue, and dive rescue/ recovery.
The Hamburg Water Rescue Unit is unique in that they can provides many different types of support to the local, county, state or federal levels of government. We are trained and equipped to handle Lake Rescue, boat and marina fires, shoreline fire support, swift water rescue, ice rescue, under water dive rescue and recovery, shore line rescue and support, as well as any other type of rescue operations dealing with water and ice.
Our base of operations is located at the “Boat House” at The Hamburg Town Park on Lake Shore Road in the Town of Hamburg, New York. A roadway connecting the boat house directly to the boat launch, allows for a rapid deployment of our 27’ Boston Whaler, a 15’ Briggs inflatable with a 20 HP motor and multiple other resources for all types of rescues related to water. The location of the boat house also allows for direct land deployment to all areas of Western New York and Southern Ontario as well.
Over the past few years we have added a full compliment of dry suit capable dive team with under water communications.
       The HWRU responds to calls for assistance on Lake Erie as well as inland waterways throughout the Western New York and Southern Ontario Regions and provides mutual aid to multiple agencies through The Alert Agency (Advanced Local Emergency Response Teams) http://www.wnyalert.com/ALERT/Home.html . The HWRU is a charter member of ALERT Region 1, which consists of both paid and volunteer members of Police, Fire, EMS and Coast Guard units in the Western New York and Southern Ontario Regions, performing specialized tasks such as water rescue, swift water rescue, ice rescue, dive rescue and recovery and rope rescue.
The ALERT Agency can be activated through any dispatch office throughout the coverage area or by contacting on of the ALERT Regional Coordinators:
Jim Miller:            716-796-3436           Alert 9
Ron Klimowicz:    716-864-8804           Alert 9-1

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